BYUtv – Fires of Faith (episode 2) – Honor to the Heretics

Honor to the Heretics – that is probably how I would summarize episode two in the Fires of Faith series for the making of the KJV Bible.

Quick Observations

(1) I watched touching, dramatized scenes of Thomas Bilney in London, 1527: “Where does it say, our works will save us?”  He was dragged from the pulpit while preaching a homily.  But he cried, “Only the truth from the Bible!!!!”

He recanted under torture, and then later recanted of his recanting.  I appreciated the documentary recalling the moment when he burnt his finger in a candle – to steel his mind in preparation for being burned at the stake.  “Take me to Christ!”

(2) London Tower Prison – I remember visiting this place with my wife.  I won’t forget the experience.

(3)  This episode did a fine job in honoring William Tyndale.  I am always moved when I hear Tyndale’s letter he wrote while in prison.  And his cry for the Hebrew scriptures.

(4)  Guest appearance by Mark A. Noll.  I listened to what he would die for.

(5)  A question – What is the translation in English of that final song sung during the ending of the lives of Thomas More, William Tyndale, and Anne Boleyn?

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