Christian men in Idaho Falls

Jerry Brady wrote a column for yesterday’s local paper, “The inner loss of manhood – the statistics say crime is down, but it sure feels like men in eastern Idaho have been behaving badly.”

He provides a plug for Ron Youderian’s ministry:

Ron Youderian has known a lot of men in trouble while directing the City of Refuge for homeless men in Idaho Falls.  For him, men are losing their historic and biblical role as the providers, protectors, and rescuers who sacrifice themselves for their families.  Outer behavior is a sign of an inner loss of manhood, which he is trying to address in a long course, “The Quest for Authentic Manhood,” at Alliance Covenant Church.

Youderian sees the new ABC comedy “Last Man Standing” as an attempt to come to terms with men’s doubts about themselves.  I’ll have to check that out.  Haven’t we seen enough dopey, useless guys and Schwarzernegger types to last a lifetime?

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