“Add the words” in Idaho

There is contention in Idaho over a moral issue.  The “Add the Words” rallies last month are contending for equal rights in Idaho for those of various sexual orientation.

Just recently, Rev. Lyn Stangland Cameron of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Idaho Falls demonstrated alongside with other “representatives from other religious and civic groups and members of PFLAG” at the Add the Words rally at the Broadway bridge on Jan. 28.

On February 2, Corey Taule in the Post Register, wrote in favor of the bill seeking to add words “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to the Idaho Human Rights Acts.  Corey urges that we don’t be like “bigot” Bryan Fischer and that we should not be left behind in an “increasingly educated and tolerant world.”

Today, our local newspaper features a column from the Lewiston Tribune asking, “What is McKenzie [Senate State Affairs Committee Chairman Curt McKenzie, R-Nampa) afraid of?”  Their opinion closes with this argument, “In another 21 states, including Washington, discrimination against the gays already is illegal.  Support for gay rights is strongest among younger people.  History is taking shape, and Idaho remains on the wrong side of it.  Why wouldn’t McKenzie not choose to witness the sweep of society changing before his eyes?  What is he afraid of?”

That is an easy question for me.  We should fear the Lord.  Does the Lewiston Tribune fear the words of the Lord?  In desiring to add any words to be considered law by our society or culture, should we not compare with God’s Word?

Would the Lewiston Tribune consider the veracity of this proverb:  “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.”

To ignore words that come from heaven invites peril.  It brings hell.  Please.  Please be open to God’s words.

And if you have been in rebellion to God’s words, as I once was, let it be known that God’s words, as no other words, provide hope for the sinner.  His words are the light for our feet.  Post up God’s words with a little sticky on your bathroom mirror.  Insert them on your I-phone.  Write them on your refrigerator wall.   Teach them to your children.  Bind them to your heart.  Be a hearer and a doer.  God’s words were the hope for ancient peoples.  And the words of God point to the way of joy and freedom for us today.

Consider God’s words.  Yes, “Add His Words”.  Start today.


  1. This is modern chauvinism at its finest. We are told that “Idaho is on the wrong side of history” as if the idea of history making and inevitable progress is inherently good. To argue that opposition to this is some sort of irrational “fear” also smacks of this. “We’re smart and progressive and the new wave, all you old traditionalists and Christians need to get on board or get out of the way.” Do you have any to add to my list of “20 ways?” on this issue?:


    I’m sure you have had a few encounters with this.

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