1. Your question betrays your opinion that officials of the Church dissemble about our “true” beliefs. I’m sorry to inform you that the “Mormonism 101” page to which you link represents exactly what I have been taught for my 66 years.

  2. I think the biggest issue is that Mormons use the same words, but have different meanings. This piece does not address that. Take “Son of God” for example. I’m pretty sure, Tracy, that what you have been taught about what that phrase means is quite different than the Traditional, Orthodox meaning.

    But this piece is fairly clear on where the difference begins; that place, of course, centers on the questions of apostasy and restoration.

  3. Funny, when Christians have questions about LDS Doctrines, practices, beliefes etc. We are accused of Bashing or Attacking even demonizing the LDS! Yet, MOST LDS people i have come into contact here in IF, will agree after we define the terms, That Evangelical, Ortodox, Mainstream Christians , AND the LDS worship at separate altars!
    We do NOT worship the SAME Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit(Ghost) etc etc. The LDS “Gospel” is “different” than what the Biblical teachings are! In Fact the LDS Gospel is ANOTHER Gospel!
    Read 2Corinthians11:1-15, Galations1:6-9 Then see the front cover of the BOM It reads “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” Check it out!
    I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  4. (questions about LDS Doctrines, practices, beliefes etc. We are accused of Bashing or Attacking even demonizing the LDS)

    Ron, I find most people who make this statement do not know the difference between a question for information, and a “question” that is really making a statement of what the poster believes. Another good indicator is how well you don’t listen to the answer.


  5. In January, we watched the video series, “The Holiness of God” by R.C.Sproul. I would love to pipe in this film series downtown in our local theater and just sit down with LDS friends on the outside patio tables and chat.

  6. I was reading the Deseret News the other day. The Church News Section(insert) had an Article about Elder Holland speaking @ Harvard Law School.
    One of the Students asked Holland how the LDS Church Considers Other ChristianChurches.
    Elder Holland ,emphattically stated:”That the Church appreciates the teaching,characteristics, and Service of Other Churches, but noted the importance of Priesthood Authority to perform gospel ordinances”.

    Question for The LDS: How do the LDS Leaders, Teachers, Missionarys etc Reconcile Elder Holland’s statement with the following scriptures?
    1Nephi 14:9-10, 1Nephi14:17,D&C1:30 JSH1:18-20

  7. Ron, I’d look here first: http://eom.byu.edu/index.php/Great_and_Abominable_Church

    The Great and Abominable Church, as currently taught in the LDS Church, encompasses those from all nations and all time periods who desire “to get gain, and…power over the flesh, and…to become popular in the eyes of the world,…who seek the lusts of the flesh and the things of the world, and to do all manner of iniquity” (1 Ne. 22:23).

    The LDS Church claims no monopoly on truth, and as such values the efforts of other faiths in helping others throughout the world.

  8. Tyler, thanks for suppling that link, interesting read!
    What Church is identified in 1Nephi14:`10 as the Church of the Lamb of God?
    It states that there are ONLY Two Churches, The Church of the Lamb of God, and the Other is the Church of the Devil!
    “Whoso belongeth Not to the Church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church,which is the mother of abominations and she is the whore of all the Earth”.
    Also in D&C1:30″THE Only True and living Church upon the face of the Whole Earth”
    So, would it be correct to say that the Church of the Lamb of God is the Only True Church on the Earth Today is the Reastored Church(LDS)?
    It seems clear to me this is what it says throught the BOM, D&C, JSH and from qoutes from LDS Apostles, Prophets etc

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