Holy Week in Idaho Falls (1)

Did you see the King on Palm Sunday? (Psalm 72, Zechariah 9, Matthew 21)

Did you see His justice?  He thrashed the greedy in the temple.  The materialism was sickening.  When it came down to it, the temple in town was all about money.  There was no gospel about it.  And literally, the King kicked their butts.

Did you see His deliverance?  The holy, just King has the right to condemn us all.  You and I have gone AWOL.  But rather than let us be destroyed, He threw his perfect body on the grenade.  The King became the sacrificial Lamb.

Did you see His poverty?  The King came poor.  He didn’t come riding in on the Presidential, custom-designed, Cadillac limousine nicknamed “The Beast”.  He actually rode a beast, a colt, the foal of a donkey.  He is far below us and our socio-economic status of middle class and wealthy.  He visited our churches yesterday as a man from the homeless shelter, the local City of Refuge.  He is a Champion of the poor and afflicted.  And on Palm Sunday, He displayed the Kingdom’s health care plan.

Did you see His peace?  The King has authority in his spoken Word.  He just has to speak it, and peace will permeate the globe.

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