The Revelation of Jesus Christ (5)

The opening greeting of the Apocalypse is custom designed for people who are persecuted.  Humans are needy creatures.  And there are two things that we desperately need: grace and peace.  There is not much there to define those two words.  But here in this Revelation salutation, we have the best description in the New Testament for where grace and peace come from.  Look beyond that which is around you.  Look up.  Look to the Triune God:  (1) The Father, who is, and who was, and who is to come, (2) the seven Spirits – the Holy Spirit, (3) and Jesus Christ. 

You who are financially destitute, you who are physically downtrodden, you who are emotionally spent, and you who are mentally pressured, the compassionate Trinity greets you.  The eternal Trinity loves you.  And the majestic Trinity has positioned you in the Kingdom.  So perhaps you might be sitting or stumbling in the darkness of some valley this morning.  Be strengthened by what God  has revealed to you in the warmth of His light.  Memorize Revelation 1:4b-8.  No matter what your circumstances, the Triune God is there to lead your mind from troubled thoughts to a doxology.  And the doxology centers upon one Person of the Trinity in particular.  Jesus Christ.

thinking of heart issues,


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