The Revelation of Jesus Christ – The Lord’s Day

“I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day” (Revelation 1:10).
I need to disagree with E. W. Bullinger (The Apocalypse, 1909) on his interpreting that John spoke of this being the “day of the Lord” versus the Lord’s day.  John Walvoord agrees with Bullinger by defending the same view in his commentary (The Revelation of Jesus Christ, 1966).  So I disagree with Walvoord.   The Greek phrase is kyriake hemera and not hemera kyriou.
I see the Lord’s day as Sunday.  But my thoughts are not new.  The bishop of Antioch, Ignatius, and others thought so, too.  I pulled off the shelf my translation of the Apostolic Fathers by Lightfoot.  On page 95 in one of Ignatius’ letters, he writes, “For if we continue to live in accordance with Judaism, we admit that we have not received grace.  For the most godly prophets lived in accordance with Christ Jesus.  This is why they were persecuted, being inspired as they were by his grace in order that those who are disobedient might be fully convinced that there is one God who revealed himself through Jesus Christ his Son, who is his Word which came forth from silence, who in every respect pleased him who sent him.  If, then, those who had lived in antiquated practices came to newness of hope, no longer keeping the Sabbath but living in accordance with the Lord’s day, on which our life also arose through him and his death (which some deny), the mystery through which we came to believe, and because of which we patiently endure, in order that we might be found to be disciples of Jesus Christ, our only teacher, how can we possibly live without him, whom even the prophets, who were his disciples in the Spirit, were expecting as their teacher?”
Today was a unique day.  How do you consider this day?  How would you fill in the blank for today?  I was in _________________ on the Lord’s day.
thinking of heart issues,

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