Some history of the Baptists and Mormons in the I-15 Corridor (post 2)

Taken from The Baptist Home Mission Monthly:

Have any of you ever heard of the Rev. H. G. De Witt, D.D., a Baptist evangelist who labored in Salt Lake City around 120 years ago?

Bro. De Witt expects to be on the field early in February.  He will go with the prayers of thousands, that he may be endowed with wisdom from on high; that his labors may be mighty through God, in pulling down the stronghold of Satan in Utah.  Let all who have given for this work now offer fervent prayer that our new and beautiful house of worship in Salt Lake City may be honored with the gracious presence of God in the conversion of multitudes from the error of their ways.

The new house will be dedicated early in February.  Rev. Dwight Spencer, to whom great credit is due for his successful completion of the building, will, doubtless, remain a month or two with Dr. De Witt–yoke-fellows in this important field of service.  For both these toilers–for the church also–let fervent prayer be frequently offered.  If each of these brethren could address one sentence to our numerous readers, we doubt not it would be the words of Paul to his brethren at a critical period in his ministry:  “Now I beseech you, brethren, for the Lord Jesus Christ’s sake, and for the love of the Spirit, that ye strive together in your prayers to God for me.”  God grant that we may witness triumphs of the Gospel in Utah this year.


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