Independent Baptist Wickedness

In light of the sorrow at First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, Linda Murphrey, daughter of Pastor Jack Hyles, tells her story of heartache.  I would strongly encourage you to listen briefly to her story (HT:  Sharperiron).  Actually, she shares in this workshop session before the exposure of her brother-in-law, Pastor Jack Schaap, as reported in a recent Rexburg, Idaho newspaper.

As a Baptist pastor in Idaho Falls, I bow my head in grief.  Lord, bring justice to those in hypocrisy.  Bring healing to those who have been hurt.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.


  1. Is it not hypocrisy to look at these situations and call them hypocrisy? Is not the genuine response “help me Lord, I am tempted too!”?

  2. Certainly, Wit. Put me at the top of the list for needing God’s ongoing grace to bring light to my hypocrisy. But the hypocrisy is double muck when Independent Baptist pastors don’t vocalize Romans 7, and that to me epitomizes the house that Jack built.

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