Hey young man in Idaho Falls, you like my daughter?

Let’s get some things out on the table.  Clear and simple.

1.  You got a high self-esteem problem?  Then beat it.

2.  You don’t take care of and show respect to your mother?  Then I don’t want to see your face.

3.  Did no one teach you any manners?  Then get educated first.

4.  Do you give it your best shot in the classroom?  On the field?  On the job?  Slackers ought to have their butts kicked.

5.  Most important question of all.  Do you fear God?

I love my daughters.  But my love is just a drop in the bucket compared to God’s love for these lovely ladies that He has made.  They are the King’s daughters.  So walk circumspectly, young man.  God knows everything that you are thinking.  His eye is watching your every move.

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