Idaho Falls discrimination policy in regards to the LGTB community

The Idaho Falls city council has talked about a city ordinance in regards to no discrimination based on sexual orientation.  May I offer some questions?

  1. What is the definition of sexual orientation?  What is the definition of gender?
  2. What is defined as natural?  And not natural when it comes to sexual orientation?
  3. Who are the authoritative sources that influence the definition?
  4. What is the number of LGTB citizens in the city of Idaho Falls?
  5. What are the cases of discrimination in this city?
  6. Who are the LGTB citizens in Idaho Falls who have no place to live or no opportunity for a job?
  7. Since Idaho state republicans are making no pressure for these anti-discrimination policies to be in place, who is?  Is it the majority of the citizens in the cities of Idaho?
  8. How many citizens of Idaho Falls are vocally pushing for this discrimination ordinance?
  9. Which businesses have reported that they will not come to Idaho Falls if this discrimination ordinance is not in place?
  10. If the Idaho Falls city council affirms a discrimination policy, does not that affirm that the city publicly welcomes and embraces the homosexual lifestyle?
  11. If this new ordinance is passed, why would polygamists still be discriminated against?  What about southeastern Idaho’s whole political history toward polygamists?  Isn’t this sexual discrimination?
  12. What if a hotel owner decides not to offer rooms of his establishment to a collective group of LGTB individuals?
  13. What if a restaurant owner is uncomfortable with his newly hired waiter showing pictures of a same-sex partner to the patrons?
  14. If a boss decides not to hire someone seeking employment, can that person come back and accuse the boss of discrimination, even though the topic of sexual orientation did not come up in the initial discussion?
  15. If a Christian in Idaho Falls regards homosexuality as a sin, what business would you recommend him to start wherein that individual can retain their freedom of conscience?
  16. Can a bed & breakfast owner discriminate on who comes to stay at the home?
  17. Can a family discriminate over which nanny or babysitter they hire?
  18. Should there be discrimination against bestiality?  If so, why?
  19. Will the public court-house allow LGTB weddings?
  20. What will be the consequences for acts of discrimination?  Fines?  Sensitivity classes?
  21. What is the course for transgender bathrooms in public accommodations?

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