An open letter to the BSA Grand Teton Council in Idaho Falls

The Triune God of the universe is immutable, eternal, and full of wonder. As we have enjoyed various scouting activities (RiseUp Encampment, scouting camp, etc.) during the summer months in Southeastern Idaho, we get glimpses every day of the spectacular variety and the depth of detail in God’s creation. Yet we don’t have to look very far – one only need look inward – to see also the struggle with broken imperfections. In our changing world of religious self-expression and sexual, perverted preferences, it is nice to know that the God of the universe is set apart from His creation. If He were sinful like us, we would indeed have no hope. In our fallen humanity, the only hope is to look to the sinless Man, Jesus Christ, who bore the immense diversity of our sins and took the punishment that we deserved. This perfect Man is unparalleled beauty, glory, and power. How can God the Father be both just and the justifier of sinners? It’s because Jesus propitiates holy fire. Also, He redeems slaves. He reconciles enemies. He unifies brothers. And He is the King of a sweeping Kingdom. He extends the gift of God’s presence and Kingdom to you. It’s amazing grace. And you can enter this Kingdom by faith. Childlike faith.

Let us rise up. We need not sit, shackled in the dungeons of our own personal sin and remorse. And we don’t need to cower under the incessant cries of evil around us, whether coming from the low in dark corners of shacks or the elite in wealthy corridors. Neither do we need to accommodate the political winds of institutional hierarchy. In Christ, we are free. Let every boy in our country have the chance to see this no matter their race, religion, economics, or sinful struggles. Let them experience Christ. Let them rise up by faith through grace to be what God has initially created them to be.

In light of the 2013 BSA policy to normalize various sexual orientations among the young men in scout troops, Berean Baptist Church will not seek to recharter in 2014. This decision has nothing to do with accusations that we desire to not reach out to any boy who might have same sex attractions. The decision has everything to do with public politics seeking to aberrate on sexual orientation and in turn force us to redefine what is morally straight. When we have choices before us, we decide not to abide under leadership policies which shroud in obfuscation the light of conscience in duty to God and truth. We turn our hearts now to the God of grace and peace. May God’s Spirit give us wisdom and lead us to new alternatives in 2014. May the Lord capture and bless the hearts of our future men. And most of all, to the One who is the source of all good, may God be honored and glorified with our lives.

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