Trail Life USA – Idahoan Introduction

I have been investigating the new boys’ adventure-character-leadership program, Trail Life USA. I highly favor the name and art design. As an Idahoan, the marketing concept sparks my desire to be on the trail.

This morning, I introduced the Woodlands Trail, Navigators, and Adventurers to around 20 men in the Berean church family. I passed out brochures, discussed some basic themes, and fielded general questions. Certainly, the possibilities are endless.

Just recently, I took a group of teens up the Bannock Trail in the Grand Targhee Ski Resort. With a full 15 passenger van, we left Idaho Falls and spent a perfect morning on the mountain. From the base of the ski lift, it is a 2,000’ elevation gain as you hike 3.1 miles to the top. On the summit of Fred’s Mountain (Elevation 9,862’), you ooh and aah over the breathtaking view of the Teton Mountain Range.

Wild flowers are everywhere. And for entertainment, the Golden-mantled ground squirrel will scurry and scamper about to nibble on the lunch crumbs you accidentally drop to your feet. God’s glory is all around you.
And here is an extra bonus: you get to ride down the Dreamcatcher (quad lift) for free if you hike up!

I highly recommend the hike for all ages.

Hope to see you all on the trail in future days.

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