Conference in Idaho Falls on the topic of the Trinity

I was having a dream last night about being in a conference on the Trinity (funny thing is that both of my daughters are in a teen rally presently hearing about the Trinity).  Then I woke up at 2:38 am.  So I decided to do a little digging on the internet.

Here is what I found:

So this morning, I decided to make the Valley of Vision prayer to the Trinity . . . my prayer of joy and worship for today.

My desire is that Berean Baptist Church host a conference on the Trinity in March 2014.  Consider your own curiosity.  Come and take a step with me into the mystery and majesty of God.



  1. While I would concur with the good majority of authors that you have posted, I would caution you to avoid Peter Leithart. Leithart is a heretic who is at odds with the Reformation as a proponent of the damning Federal Vision, a supporter of complete theonomy and supporter of baptismal regeneration.

    Another great treatise on the Trinity is Dr. Lorraine Boettner’s essay that I link to here:

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