Last invite to tomorrow’s conference

Berean Baptist Church is hosting the “Tri-unity of God” Conference, beginning tomorrow night.

Address is 2975 E. 1st Street.  There is no cost.

Here is the schedule:

Friday night: 1st Session, 7pm, Q&A and snacks to follow

Saturday morning:  2nd Session, 9 am, Q&A and snacks, 3rd Session, 11 am

Sunday morning:  4th Session, 9:30 am, snacks, 5th Session, 10:45 am

We invite you all to join us.


  1. Todd: Hope you can post some notes of the weekend conference, for those of us who are unable to attend. May God us this time to open the eyes and ears of those who need to hear the truth. May God us this time to add to His Kingdom.


  2. Ron, I will post each night the notes that were covered that day in sessions. Thanks for the prayers.

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