The Father and His Son

Our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ.” – I John 1:3

Some say that the Father and His Son are one Person.

Others say that the Father and His Son are two separate deities, which logically leads to teaching that you can be in the presence of one and not the other.

Yet I love what Robert Candlish wrote in the 1800s.  This is the heart of my Christianity:

The object of this fellowship is the Father and the Son.  I say the object, for there is but one.  No doubt the Father and the Son may be considered separately, as two distinct persons with whom you may have fellowship.  And in some views and for some ends it may be quite warrantable, and even necessary, to distinguish the fellowship which you have with the Father from that which you have with his Son Jesus Christ.  As Christ is the way, the true and living way, to the Father, so fellowship with him as such must evidently be preparatory to fellowship with the Father.  But it is not thus that Christ is here represented.  He is not put before the Father as the way to the Father, fellowship with whom is the means, leading to fellowship with the Father as the end.  He is associated with the Father.  Together, in their mutual relation to one another and their mutual mind or heart to one another, they constitute the one object of this fellowship.

The Father and his Son Jesus Christ; not each apart, but the two–both of them–together; with whatever the Spirit of the Father and the Son may be commissioned to show, and your spirits may be enabled to take in, of the counsel of peace that is between them both; that is what is presented to you as the object of your fellowship.

It is a great idea.  Who can grasp it?

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