Reflections of My Jesus


There I am, a reflection (oops) as I take a picture of Nelida’s beautiful photo, Reflections of My Jesus.  During this past Monday morning mens’ discussion on evangelism at the Villa Coffeeshop, one of the guys pointed this picture out to me hanging on the wall.

This is what Nelida has to say about this photo:

As I was sitting by the river bank one day, from a hard day at work and life- I meditated upon my life; the things I had done- good, bad, or not done at all. My regrets, my pain, and the lack of love in my heart. With tears of pain and broken dreams streaming down my face, I cried out in a loud voice for a sign that “I” would be ok. (My own sanity has always been somewhat of a concern to me) – letting out the pain and hurt pour out of me, I looked up at the beauty around me: the clear blue sky, the fresh air surrounded by enormous white boulders of rock, the glassy clear spring water flowing in the river, and the peace of the day surrounding my own mental battle and emotional chaos- and then my sign lay before me: As I looked upon this spring water with a new vision and clear mind, I saw in the water a reflection of my maker. The sign given to me as a reminder that “I am ok.”

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