Christmas past in the Post Register

  • From the Post Register, Dec. 24, 1965, Front Page lead story: Noel Spirit Warms World

Across America and throughout most parts of the world Christmas Eve dawns on a weary planet. Wars and near wars plague several nations, and perplexing problems affect all.  Men yearn for “peace on earth, good will toward men.”  That peace is not here, but for one day, one short season, they will experience a taste of it.  They will feel the spirit of Christmas, of brotherhood, of giving, of love, of inner joy. Christmas is here again to bless all who will receive it…

  •  From the Post Register of Dec. 24, 1970: Front Page lead story: Christmas Observed Around the World

Worshipers Pay Homage to Christ: Christians around the world were doing their best Thursday to forget war, politics and economic troubles long enough to enjoy a merry Christmas and follow it up with a happy New Year.  In the Middle East, with a cease-fire keeping the Arab-Israel conflict in check for the first time since the 1967 war, some 10,000 Christians from all over the world poured into Bethlehem…

  • From the Post Register of Dec. 24, 1975: Front Page lead story: President Gives Thanks for ‘nation at peace’

In a Christmas message, President Ford said Wednesday he joins with all citizens in “observing a Christmas when Americans can honor the Prince of Peace in a nation at peace.” “It is the season to be jolly – but to be silent and prayerful as well,” the President said…

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