Eric Strom’s recent trip to Liberia

Trip to Liberia 2/7 – 2/17/17

I just returned from my second visit to Liberia, Africa working with Joshua Milton Blahyi, the former warlord, General Butt Naked. The trip was mainly relational, restorative and reconciliatory. The focus of the mission, Journey Against Violence, is recovering ex-child combatants from the civil wars. I am currently working with two such young men, Abraham Fahnbulleh and William Wilson. Abraham was previously a Muslim, a fighter and heroin addict. He recently graduated from high school in June 2016 at 31 years of age. He currently is operating a business in the Mount Barclay township outside of Monrovia. He services and charges cell phones, takes passport photos, copies and produces documents, conducts mobile money business, rents sound equipment for celebrations and sells various electronic items. He was recently broken into and had his computer, camera and printer stolen. I was able to provide replacements with the money donated from my church family and friends. He is now working at full strength as a respected businessman in his community to the glory of the Father.

Wilson had tried working on his own for the past nine months. He was able to purchase a motorcycle for a taxi business. Through infrequent maintenance, the motorcycle broke down. He has construction skills and was working with some men building a structure. When he went to ask for his pay, they beat him, leaving him with two broken arms. After healing, he was unable to use the motorcycle because of the injuries to his arms. He asked if I could help him in a business. The Father instructed me to set up a gas and fuel business for him. We purchased all the necessary equipment and put him to work the very next day. He sold ten gallons of gas the first day. He was ecstatic. Since the first day, he has purchased two more 70 gallon barrels for fuel (diesel) and is selling close to his capacity daily which is above two hundred gallons combined. He is so thankful to the Father for providing him with a means of living and resources for his family. Again, finances were provided by my church family and friends.

Abraham took me to the ghetto where he used to live as an addict and gang member. We entered a house and found a small room with four men sitting around a table smoking heroin. These were his brothers. Once they got over the shock of seeing a white man enter their world, they invited me in and received me. I hope I was able to convey some hope to them that facilities were being built to receive them and get them out of this bondage. They begged me to take them now. My heart was so broken for “the least of these”. Their country ignores them. Their society is afraid of them. I assured them that the Father has not forgotten them.

Journey Against Violence is currently building facilities in the bush to house 480 men upon completion. Once the first dormitory is finished, men will be able to enter the program. I am able to provide consultation for education and drug and alcohol treatment. I will return upon direction from my Father. My current schedule of Refirement fits this very well. Your prayers are coveted and needed.

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  1. The Supernatural Power of God makes no since to natural man , we are so blessed to be able to walk in Him by His Power . We are praying for you please pray for us , Gods speed !

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