Grace and peace to you in Idaho Falls

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus,
Yesterday, I walked a perimeter of Idaho Falls and prayed. I lifted up to heaven by name, practically every pastor and church family that I know in our city. I also circled EIRMC and prayed.
Many of you today are preparing for what you will say tomorrow by virtual media or awkward social distances.  I grieve for the Church not being able to hug and place their arms around each other during all this financial, psychological, and social stress.  But I know that when the Church is squeezed (as we see so often in other parts of the world among our brothers and sisters in trials and persecution), the love and light of Jesus will burst forth.
In the midst of the Covid-19 Response in our city, I am thankful for technological connections right now:

Charles Barnes and I will continue to email local church offices on a weekly basis (this is mine for this weekend).  It is an opportunity to share Scripture verses, prayer requests, and praises. For some of the data that could be made public, I will continually update the “Jesus in Idaho Falls” website. We also want to stay informed of the questions, responses, and resources discussed among our local churches.

Many churches have their own denominational networks, but even with that, we are pioneers in many ways in eastern Idaho.  Amid spiritual triage, together is better. I thank God for the close friendships with many pastors of various denominations. So beyond even our denominational fellowships, we have the Eastern Idaho Pastors Coalition (EIPC). I thank God for this coalition.  In eastern Idaho, there is one Church and one Good Shepherd.  More than ever, we are praying for and extending love and grace to one another up and down the Eastern Idaho Corridor.  In many ways, I am thankful for Facebook to be able to listen in and be so greatly edified by all the godly pastors in our region during this season.

Last, the event “Vision 2020” on July 20, 2020, this summer at the Sandy Downs outside of Idaho Falls is in God’s hands.  Let Him do what He wants in our midst.  As Pastor Jeff Kennedy of Christ Community Church aptly stated this week, “God is in control of the show.”  One thing I know for sure, when the Coronvirus Crises is over in Idaho Falls, we are going to have the biggest Jesus party ever to hit our city!  Glory to our King!  May Jesus reign in our hearts and in this city. For now, our #1 prayer for eastern Idaho is that the Person of Jesus Christ fills our vision. Let it be that every man, woman, and child be given the opportunity for seeing Jesus clearly. He is beautiful.  He is love.  He is good. When the shelves are low and when people’s fears are high, Jesus is the great I AM.  He is everything we need.

Stay tuned.  Love and pray for one another. Infect the city with God’s hope and love.

Roots by the river,

Pastor Todd Wood

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