The prayer of a prayer-less Idahoan (9)

Dear God,

Forgive me for not talking to you more. I am sorry that it has taken a COVID-19 pandemic in the world to bring about this resolution in my heart.

Lord, I am resolved to make conversation with you my number one priority.

First, I am committed to keeping a prayer journal until the day I die.

Second, help me to be still before you in these new daily rhythms of personal prayer that you are developing in my life. Let me begin and end every day in conversation with you.  And may my public prayer be simply an overflow of my private communion with you.

Third, help me to be rigidly fixed on the fact that every church meeting, whether big or small, must be a prayer meeting in your presence.

Fourth, as I have learned from the Shepherd of the Falls Lutheran Church family, I ask that in every Sunday church service there be granted the opportunity for any of the Church family to publicly and audibly lift up names of people in intercession before you.

Fifth, I pray that you would use me in my feeble weakness to promote among others the fundamental and vital importance that the Church needs to pray.

Thank you, that I can talk to you, loving Father.  This is the greatest privilege of my life.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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