Eastern Idaho Worship Collective

On Friday, November 13, 2020, the Eastern Idaho Worship Collective will lead its first “Night of worship” for the greater body of Christ in Idaho Falls. The host local church is Christ Community Church. Featured musicians will be Worship Pastor Daniel Hickenbotham (Christ Community Church), Ja Coody (Watersprings Church), Dave Kirby (Watersprings Church), Dominick Hendricks (Rocky Mountain Ministries), Bud and Brittany Morrow (Watersprings Church), Jessica Zornosa (Christ Community Church), and Pastor Ty Orr (Watersprings Church), etc. Mark your calendars. And please be mindful of Christ Community Church’s COVID-19 safety and health protocols for this event.

Lord willing, the next event will be in February 2021 at Watersprings Church.

The following statements are a current, working description of EIWC’s vision and commitments.

Vision: The EIWC, in partnership with faithful local churches, will provide a space and environment where the greater church in Idaho Falls can come together and engage with the Triune God through passionate corporate worship.


Prayerfulness in Preparation – We, as servants of God’s church, are committed to seeking God for His leading and empowering as we endeavor to provide His church with the opportunity to engage in worship that is honoring and glorifying to Him.  We will weigh our ideas in the scales of prayerful consideration and trust the Lord to guide us through that.

Community Faithfulness – We affirm that we have all been called to commit ourselves to the Body of Christ by being connected to and invested in a local church.  We want to provide leaders and believers with the opportunity to worship alongside brothers and sisters of different backgrounds and cross pollinate at a special event.  We do not want to facilitate church shopping or church hopping or dissention amongst congregation members regarding musical worship.  We will also take into account the mission and vision of host churches, ensuring that we do not distract from their goals or violate their statement of faith or organizational by-laws.

Corporate Effort – We want to facilitate the community of worship leaders, musicians, sound engineers, etc. in Idaho Falls to serve the church as a whole.  Although the vision is to have different church buildings host each worship night, we do not want to burden that local body with the logistics, volunteer requirements, and increased costs of each night.  Additionally, we do not want the host church to be the “owner” of the worship night.  

Singleness of Purpose – We rejoice in the diversity of expressions and gifting given to the church, yet we are committed, for these nights, to the exaltation of the Triune God through musical worship and singing.  This will take precedence above the demonstration of any individual giftings and, as much as possible, without undue consideration towards any specific denominational preferences. 

Excellence in Execution – We want to pursue all things with a spirit of excellence, crafting nights that facilitate undistracted worship through intentionality in song choice and leadership, commitment to preparation and practice, skillful playing and singing, compelling visual media and sound engineering, and development and stewardship of the overall atmosphere of the night.  We recognize that to do this, unfortunately, it will require limitations on participation, which we will be committed to handling humbly and graciously. 

Current Leadership Committee:
Ja Coody, Daniel Hickinbotham, Kenny McMurphy, Mikey Middleton

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