Idaho Falls Look Up Tour Launch with Will Graham

Even after approximately 140 years of history through Christ’s Church in this region along the Snake River plain, there is much work to do for the glory of God.  Providentially, there is a renewed anticipation for the outpourings of God’s love and grace upon people as they look up to Him. We have been earnestly praying.

In ten weeks, on Thursday, January 26, Will Graham, the grandson of Billy Graham, will be here in our river city. At The Waterfront in the Snake River Landing, we are gathering at 6:00 pm for our public Launch of the Idaho Falls Look Up Tour with Will Graham. This is an opportunity to meet and hear Will speak to us from God’s Word and to worship and fellowship with faithful ambassadors of Christ serving all throughout our beautiful area of the Intermountain West.  The Eastern Idaho Worship Collective will lead us in songs of worship to the Lord.

We invite all the pastoral teams and ministry leaders from Christian congregations throughout the area to join us. We pray for Jesus to be lifted high in the year 2023 so that all might be drawn to Him.

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