General Conference

LDS General Conference 2014 & Ben Carson

Today and tomorrow in Idaho Falls is when many are listening to the 184th Semiannual General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

And guess who was talked about?  Ben Carson.

One reason that I like Ben is because of words that he shares about Jesus.  Deliverance comes through Jesus.  Strength comes from Jesus.

The Controversy over God in the Corridor

We had a big wind storm yesterday on I-15 in Idaho.  Many cars wrecked in the swirling dust.  But I grieve over the bigger storm, a spiritual storm raging on I-15 in Idaho and Utah.


After laying out his personal quest in chapter one of the book, Why Would Anyone Join The Mormon Church, Brad Brase begins chapter two, zeroing right in on the number one, fundamental issue in the corridor:  “The True Nature of the Godhead”. (more…)