Bruce Zuckerman, last night and tonight in Idaho Falls!

Internationally-known, Dead Sea Scroll scholar, Dr. Bruce Zuckerman from USC, spoke last night in
Idaho Falls on the topic of the DSS.

I had typed out about four pages of notes, only to have my laptop computer run out of battery and lose it all.  I am amazed by how much God teaches me about my stupidity through computers.  Maybe, it is all a part of my sanctification process.


During his hour long lecture, he opened my eyes to the complex work of DSS photography, reconstruction, and today’s dazzling computer animation and enhancement.  He shared with us the inside scoop on the early photography sealed in decaying plastic bags and stuffed in cigar boxes.  He explained how all these Dead Sea Scrolls, humorously termed “scrollettes” or “Chicken McNuggets”, decay not by turning into dust but by evolving into sticky, dark goo.  Zuckerman let us look behind his shoulder at his theories on dittography and his favorite scroll of all, The Targum of Job.


Lots of cool technologies abound on the computer, today . . . and unbelievable pictures of DSS to be examined from every lighted angle.  You must check out the website referred to by him.  You will need to fill out a user agreement before entering into this stunning, virtual world.


Dr. Peter Zuckerman speaks again tonight, 7:00 p.m. at the Trinity United Methodist Church next to the Museum of
Idaho in Idaho Falls.  This is all in conjunction with the Ink & Blood exhibit.  The speaker whets your appetite.  He wants to talk about a discovery made in the past couple of years that is causing everyone to reexamine the origins of the paleo-Hebrew language.


  1. I sure hope you got to his lecture tonight Todd. I did and it was very fascinating!


  2. Kerry, I missed it. After reading your blog, it sounds like this lecture was the most sensational of all lectures yet in Idaho Falls. I wish I would have been there.

    Are you saying that Zuckerman really believes the God of the Bible was married? That rather then being the Creator of sex, he participates in it? Did Zuckerman say how long ago when God started engaging in this activity?

  3. He didn’t describe any timetable, but he sure didn’t object to it in any manner whatsoever. It was really the surprise of the night to hear him describe God and his bedroom…..whoa…….. and I thought I was bold – GRIN!

  4. I guess what was the stunning aspect of it was his complete casual, matter of fact, well no duh attitude and approach to God being married, or at least making Asherah his girlfriend…………. it was just like it was an everyday knowledge and understanding that he has had for his entire life. In some ways, it showed the great gulf between the scholars and the lay public. The scholars are over the shock, the public still cannot fathom it yet……. but our day is a coming!

  5. Kerry, if Zuckerman’s god had Asherah as a girlfriend, do you think there might be a few more girlfriends stashed away somewhere, too? Perhaps boyfriends, too?

    Hey, I didn’t bump in to you, today, at the museum. So which which OT texts are propelling you and Zuckerman’s conclusions?

    Ink & Blood continues through the whole summer in I.F. This is tremendous!

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