Ink & Blood Series

The big news in Idaho Falls over Ink & Blood

Recently, I have been giving three to four tours a week at the Ink & Blood exhibit housed in the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls.  The groups have been diverse:  church groups, youth groups, Sunday School classes, home Bible studies, motorcycle clubs, and individual families, etc.

Two weeks ago, I enjoyed meeting Don Landis, chairman of the board of directors for the Answers in Genesis ministry.  Yesterday, I was privileged to meet Clifford Brady, successful and vibrant founder of Brady’s Inc. in Idaho Falls.  Whatever group I take through Ink & Blood, the experience is sheer joy.  Why?  Because I am surrounded by Scripture in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, and English.  It is a pastor’s paradise. 

Sunday’s announcement in the local paper, the Post Register, thrilled me – ” ‘Ink and Blood’ exhibit will stay through Labor Day”.  I thank the curator, Dr. William Noah.  I thank Executive Director David Pennock and program director Nick Gailey for the passion exerted in bringing this exhibit to Idaho in the first place.  Each one of them deserve a trip to Hawaii. 

Am I culturally and historically prejudiced?  Certainly.  And unashamedly, I will add.  I don’t recall any other artifacts in Idaho Falls topping the scales for religious magnitude.  But hold on to your seats, folks.  The Post Register reports, “The museum will be closed May 29 through 31 so the additional artifacts can be brought into the exhibit.”  What will this entail?  “The addition of 32 artifacts from the Qumran caves east of the Jerusalem”.  As Mr. Brady told me yesterday, “This is unbelievable!” (more…)

Andrew Skinner – Live tonight in Idaho Falls!

image_authorphp.jpgTurn off CNN where you are watching “What is a Christian?” tonight. This is ten times better!!!

Andrew Skinner, dean of religious education at BYU in Provo, in connection to the Ink & Blood exhibit, addressed a full house tonight at the Trinity United Methodist Church next to the Museum of Idaho.

As a distinguished scholar, he lectured on the topic of “A Special Heritage – The Story of the English Bible”. Though I have many questions about his devotion in 2006 presented on the nature of God; tonight, I was spell-bound. Absolutely captivated! He powerfully articulated in vivid color the same story I have been sharing with the groups that I have been bringing to the museum these past two months. Truth is . . . Andrew speaks with scholarly flair. (more…)

Peter Flint – Dead Sea Scrolls & the Bible

Last night, the executive director, David P., of the Museum of Idaho introduced Peter Flint (originally from South Africa) of Trinity Western, an internationally known Dead Sea Scroll scholar and the third distinguished speaker connected with the Ink & Blood Exhibit in Idaho Falls. 

I have tried to capture as much as I could on this blog the essence of his presentation. (more…)

Dead Sea Scrolls – The exhibit and resources in Idaho Falls

Since the Ink & Blood exhibit, showcasing Dead Sea Scroll fragments, is in Idaho Falls, let me introduce you to some of the books at the Idaho Falls Public Library that will better acquaint you to the topic buzzing around our community.

1.  Amazing Dead Sea Scrolls and The Christian Faith (Chicago:  Moody Press, revised edition, 1959) by William Sanford LaSor.

Brief Overview

Lasor’s goal was to answer questions for the evangelical community on historical background of the discovery, the content of manuscripts and fragments, scroll dating, the Qumran community and their religious teachings, and the relationships of Qumran to Christianity and Judaism. (more…)

Ink & Blood, Dr. William Noah – Truth Produces Humility

Before my wife and I tackle the upstairs flooring of our kitchen and living room (I would like to inlay slate & marble islands in the midst of hardwood), we have been working on our walls. We recently removed old wall paper, and then I textured the walls last week. On the north wall as you enter the living room from the front door, I textured the shapes of the Teton mountain range. (more…)