The big news in Idaho Falls over Ink & Blood

Recently, I have been giving three to four tours a week at the Ink & Blood exhibit housed in the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls.  The groups have been diverse:  church groups, youth groups, Sunday School classes, home Bible studies, motorcycle clubs, and individual families, etc.

Two weeks ago, I enjoyed meeting Don Landis, chairman of the board of directors for the Answers in Genesis ministry.  Yesterday, I was privileged to meet Clifford Brady, successful and vibrant founder of Brady’s Inc. in Idaho Falls.  Whatever group I take through Ink & Blood, the experience is sheer joy.  Why?  Because I am surrounded by Scripture in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, and English.  It is a pastor’s paradise. 

Sunday’s announcement in the local paper, the Post Register, thrilled me – ” ‘Ink and Blood’ exhibit will stay through Labor Day”.  I thank the curator, Dr. William Noah.  I thank Executive Director David Pennock and program director Nick Gailey for the passion exerted in bringing this exhibit to Idaho in the first place.  Each one of them deserve a trip to Hawaii. 

Am I culturally and historically prejudiced?  Certainly.  And unashamedly, I will add.  I don’t recall any other artifacts in Idaho Falls topping the scales for religious magnitude.  But hold on to your seats, folks.  The Post Register reports, “The museum will be closed May 29 through 31 so the additional artifacts can be brought into the exhibit.”  What will this entail?  “The addition of 32 artifacts from the Qumran caves east of the Jerusalem”.  As Mr. Brady told me yesterday, “This is unbelievable!”

Yesterday, a letter to the editor of our Idaho Falls paper exclaimed, “The cultural sophistication of this small Western town is surprising.  For example, I have visited and surveyed a number of the world’s premier museums.  The Museum of Idaho is muse par excellence.”

In my personal quest, I have been to St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai region of Egypt; the Shrine of the Book and the Qumran Caves in Israel; Instanbul in Turkey; the Louvre in Paris; St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museum in Rome; Gutenberg’s Museum in Mainz; Luther’s museum in Worms; the sites of martyred protestants in England; and the shores of Jamestown in America. 

Friends, Ink & Blood at the Museum of Idaho brings it all together.  Here for a limited time in Idaho Falls, you can hear a microcosm of the courageous, riveting message and glimpse a little bit of it all in beautiful color.  For a side trip on your summer vacation, this is a must!  You won’t be disappointed.

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