More web-windows into LDS hearts

Lynette blows me away with this post.  If I can not be directly where Christ abides, eternal life would be hell.

Keller at FAIR exhorts the young brothers and sisters about the proper need for self-learning Apologetics 101.  I have an idea:  provide inoculation and training by inviting me to BYU-I  to freely share on any biblical doctrine about the nature of God and His Gospel work.  🙂

BiV pictures hidden insights on bloggernacle personalities.  It is quite fun humor.  Just imagine what she could do with my face?  🙂


  1. “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” St. Paul, the First Letter to the Church at Corinth, Chapter 2, Verse 9

  2. That’s what separates Mormons from the rest of Christendom. Not having to overthink the doctrine of salvation or experience gratuitous angst over it is more like our idea of hell.

  3. Todd, don’t you realize that those in the Terrestrial Kingdom will have access to Jesus?

    Celestial = God the Father

    Terrestrial = Jesus Christ

    Telestial = Holy Ghost

    just fyi

  4. Oops. Sorry Todd.

    BiV is right though. Mormon scripture does speak of each Kingdom being governed by a member of the Godhead, with those within the kingdom having access to that member.

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