S.E. Idaho workers fired because of no LDS conversion?

The Idaho Falls Post Register shares this story on Wednesday, April 16, involving Greg Dossett and Julian McCall, “Ex-employees sue Smith Group”. 

Here is a quote from the article:

Smith Group officials continually pressured Dossett’s wife to join the church and forbade the couple from drinking alcohol in public and private settings, too, Dossett said. 

There also was a mandate that he hire only LDS men returning from their mission trips, Dossett said.

First, why would Greg and his wife balk at the idea of not mixing alcohol and cars, especially in the culture of S.E. Idaho?  🙂  Secondly, the article says Dossett is a Baptist.  Is he an active Baptist?  Which church does he and his wife attend?

The PostMormon community picked up on the issue.

And Kidk.com carries a little bit more of the news.

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