A quick peek at my father

Last night, we had some of the church family come over to our house for some backyard fellowship. 

It was a beautiful evening: instruction from Proverbs, testimonies about our fathers, prayer, fellowship, food, and laughter.  Our children had a ball playing and romping around with the other children.

I am deeply thankful for my father, who is not only a great father but a terrific grandfather.

He helped us build our first church building.  And he is currently helping us on this second building. 

If you were to step in our church prayer room today, on the floor you would notice a large scrap of plywood.  This piece has been cut out of our north wall to make room for a serving window into the new fellowship/educational wing. 

Years ago, my father wrote on this piece of wood:

Be Content.  Philippians 4:11.  Elon Wood

I love my dad.

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