Bloggernacle Quote of the Month

Someday, will Mogget be teaching a class on fundamentalism?  If she does, I am wondering who she would pull in as a guest lecturer on the topic.  I do have a number of recommendations for the class exposure. 😉

Umm, she does parse the fundamentalist in this fashion within the thread of her musings on Catholicism and Modernity:

Nobody I know reads under any illusion that we will ever know the Utterly Eternal True meaning intended by the original author, except perhaps the fundamentalists.

As a fundamentalist, er biblicist, er whatever you want to call me, I pause and ponder.

I am thankful for an utterly eternal Word who speaks true and clear through living texts.  Supernatural experience.  Redemptive new life.  Joy incomparable.


  1. So you think I’ve been Very Naughty? Sigh. 😉 Give me a few book titles then, my friend, and I’ll give another try.

  2. Mogs, today, we are putting up trusses on our church building addition here in Ammon, Idaho. Round #2. The first ones got blown down.

    I’ve got some great ideas for your perusal.

    Let me get back with you later tonight.

  3. I would encourage you to become familiar with three self-identified 2008 fundamentalists (who are humble, scholarly students and also fleshing out theology in the vein of historical evangelicalism).

    Two pastors:
    Douglas McLachlan (wrote the book, Reclaiming Authentic Fundamentalism)
    Mark Minnick (Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC – sample some of his sermons, tasting deeply of Christ in the word.)

    One seminary president:
    Kevin Bauder (who has an interest in almost any kind of question you would ask)

    best wishes to you, Mogget

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