Fundamentalist Christians Not Happy?

BCC directed me to listen to this short youtube video.

Fundamentalist Christians are not happy?

(Chuckling) I would think that the LDS Heavenly Mother is not very happy.  How many years is it going to take before an LDS prophet or apostle has the courage to start sharing to America her words? 

At least ancient groups honestly and openly worshipped their goddesses.  Due equality to the sexes, right?


  1. Wait a minute, do you think that the LDS Heavenly Mother is really happy with the Bible people currently carry?

    Is she really happy with how LDS Heavenly Father is allowing things to be in Zion?

  2. Tod,
    We honor and charish our Heavenly Mother, that is why we don’t Blaspheme Her and that is why we seem not too open about her to a world that will riticule her as they do our Heavenly Father.

    God bless,

  3. Greetings from the Milwaukee/Chicago area.

    Todd, in fairness to the LDS, I don’t thing there is any “revelation” of the Heavenly Mother’s words. (Now the concept of HM giving HF a piece of her mind….)


    There was at least one feminist within the LDS who was excommunicated for advocating praying to/celebrating the HM. Given that, citing a concern about ridicule and blasphemy is at best open to question. Also, while the analogy is far from perfect, consider what the pre-Reformation Churches believe about the Virgin Mary: she is celebrated, her intercession is sought, and these doctrines are vigorousy defended.

  4. I believe that our Father in Heaven allows us to grow in belief and knowledge, both as individuals, and as a Church. Sometimes that means not having quite as much doctrinal finality as we’d like.

    Yes Todd, even on important matters. Part of having a living God who is invested in His children means that many great and wonderful things have yet to be revealed.

    But God often does not force doctrine upon people unwilling or unable to receive it properly. We learn line upon line in this faith.

  5. Seth, so are there other religions more open to Mother Goddess/the Divine Feminine than the LDS Church, currently?

    So are there perhaps others who are leading more fully in a “restoration”?

    Do you see how I might be puzzled over the silence of LDS living apostles?

    Are they “unwilling or unable to receive it properly”?

    If I believed in another God, a Mother God, I would do everything in my power to share her and worship her.

    I would think the unhappy ones are those (1) who say they believe the Bible and yet (2) perhaps believe the Bible is corrupt about cloaking Asherah, Queen of heaven, etc. and yet (3) as the religious authorities over millions of people, they are quiet.

    I will follow the biblical scriptures and biblical prophets. It seems like the modern LDS prophets heed more the voice of biblical scripture than Eliza Snow on this particular issue of a heavenly mother. They continually promote the coverup.

  6. “If I believed in another God, a Mother God, I would do everything in my power to share her and worship her.”

    Which I would say a Mormon is free to do in private.

    I just think this is one of those areas where the Church is not ready for the truth, and so they don’t get it. They ask not, so they receive not. I also think our leadership is very careful about forcing doctrine upon the membership that the membership is not ready for.

    As the example of Old Testament Israel shows abundantly, being God’s “chosen” does not guarantee that you’re not going to screw it up.

  7. Worship a Goddess in private? And a God in public? That sounds like the public male God is allowing discrimination, Seth.

    Is that a God to trust?

    And do you think those O.T. prophets practiced marketing with Israel? They were saying all kinds of things about God that the “chosen” didn’t like.

    After concluding our Isaiah inductive study, we are going to start exploring Jeremiah on Wednesday nights.

  8. “That sounds like the public male God is allowing discrimination, Seth.”

    Yeah… That was pretty much the point I made. Why does it bother you that God wouldn’t tidy-up and micromange His religion? It doesn’t bother me.

    “Is that a God to trust?”


  9. Public worship vs. Private worship? Is there a differance?
    There should be no differance in who you worship publicly or privately, but I do hold sacred things private and that may be where we are getting this Private worship, or am I totally off base here…

  10. I’m thinking of starting a new blog, I’m not sure I have it in me to chronicle all of the insanity that spews from his keyboard, though.

    No difference between public and private worship? How can you not understand the difference between the prayer in your head and a prayer over a pulpit???

  11. measure76, if you are thinking of just calling people morons, leave it at the door before you come on this blog.

  12. Thanks Todd. I think some people are out there just to defame others. I had made the statment, that may have been lost in translation for some, that wether public or private worship one sould maintain the same beleifs and faith. We should not go against our personal faith just to fit in with some group identity. If we find ourselves in a situation that we are in a group that no-longer upholds our personal beleifs we must, at the very least, re-evaluate our reasoning for being a part of that group.

    I hope this clairifies my point for all who have, like Measure, misunderstood my prior comment. Also I do appreciate all of you who read through someone’s entire comment before assuming what they are saying. I have experienced the foot in mouth syndrom before due to this action on my behalf, and it is not a pleasent position for either party.
    i have come to the concluding question, “How can we know what someone is saying until we get to the end of their statment?” As for many a situation one cannot presume to know the result of someone else’s statment until it has been stated.

    Again, thank you all for the fair and well balanced discussions on this blog. (Keep up the good work)


  13. Sorry, Todd. It’s just… Wait until you’ve conversed with ditchu for awhile. Then you’ll see why I’m frustrated with him. But hey, I’m sorry i took it out on him in your comments.

  14. Measure,
    I have been “conversing” with Todd on his Blog for quite some time now. I am sure that he has had plenty of time to form his own conclusions about me, for I have stumbled on his blog back around December and I have only commented on your blog for a few weeks. I am sure time is not the issue here, and I do not think I have given Todd any reason to share in your frustration ( if I have, he most likely would have said something about it ) .

    Please excuse this post that is off topic, as I was responding directly to the post above.

    Again thank you for hosting a balanced fourm,

  15. Hello men,
    Being a woman myself, I find it difficult to belong to the LDS faith any longer because it is so male dominated.
    For example, how many eyebrows (both male and female) would raise in sacrament meetings if I were to stand up publicly and pray to my Father AND Mother in Heaven?
    The absolute worst part about that is how many WOMEN would have a problem with it.
    We use this reasoning when we talk about prayer to the Father: He loves us and wants to hear from his children daily.
    But somehow the same logic and reason does not apply when we switch that to the Mother. So, in their heads either one of only two things can be correct.
    1) Our Heavenly Mother does not want to hear from us, or
    2) Nobody cares how badly our Heavenly Mother wants to hear from us; her feelings don’t matter in the slightest.
    Which is it???
    They will all insist that she exists. So it has to be one or the other.
    I do not buy the argument that our Heavenly Father needs to protect our Mother from all us evil kids. I believe that defies reason because 1) I don’t need my husband to speak or filter any communication between myself and my three children. and 2) I don’t need him to hide me as a way to protect me, I don’t need him to hide me at all. Am I stronger than my Heavenly Mother? Sha, right.
    In fact, to me, the concept feels a bit Muslim. Will our Heavenly Mother be stoned if she shows her face from beneath this LDS burka she’s been forced to wear?
    The same argument can be applied to the story of Adam and Eve.
    LDS will use this reasoning: Of course we will not be punished for Adam’s transgression, how and why ever would the Lord punish us for something someone else did???
    But then go to the Temple and hear the words “Women, you will now assume the role of Eve. Now, Eve, BECAUSE YOU PARTOOK OF THE FRUIT FIRST…” Basically Adam follows God (of course) and Eve is told to follow Adam (as if!!!)
    I, assuming that role as Eve am given that same commandment to follow Adam because I PARTOOK OF THE FRUIT FIRST. What!!!??? Pardon me!!??? I did not partake of any forbidden fruit, pal. And I certainly didn’t do it first!
    Of course MEN will not be punished for Adam’s transgression. Right? But what of Eve? The same logic and reason, again, does not apply.
    Ask any FEMALE member why there is no article of faith stating that WOMEN will not be punished for EVE”S transgression. Just ask. I have.
    The reason I keep getting is that it is not necessary to say that because we already have that great article of faith about Adam.
    Oh, sure, of course… that article of faith about Adam. Right. Yeah that covers it huh? So what is all that jive talk in the temple about again? Hmmmmm…..
    The aswere I get to that is that they don’t even remember that part of the whole temple experience. “I don’t remember anyone saying that.”
    But I sure remember it.
    Those same women will ask me “why do you feel you need to know more about our Heavenly Mother?”
    I usually answer that I think a better question is “How come you don’t feel you need to know?” Duh.
    You are certainly right about one thing, the LDS members, for whatever reason, are NOT ready to hear about their Heavenly Mother. They are not ready to defend her and love her and speak to her regulary. They are NOT ready to hear her. Which begs the question: if they don’t want to hear someone as important as our Heavenly Mother, why on Earth would they ever want to hear me or any woman? We are, after all, just women, like her.
    Dr Laura says “You are how you ACT.” If I am to believe that, then what does the LDS faith truely believe about women?
    True answer: That we are shadows. Names only. That we are beneath men and are to “follow” them. (sounds pretty islamic, muslim)
    Even when women are given positions of “leadership” they do it with a man over their shoulder.
    They say to me, have you prayed about this?
    Me: “Are you seriously asking me that?! What do you think? Yes, I have prayed about it. Have you prayed about any of this?”
    Woman “No.”
    Me: “Why not?”
    Woman: “I don’t feel like it’s important to me.”
    Me: “What?!”
    That is so infurriating. It’s sickening.
    Let’s say that we take a mother away from her Earthly family. She continues to contribute to that family, to her babies, as much as possible. The children are not allowed to see her or hear her or even know where she is. Everything she does, those kids are told that Dad did that for them. The children are not allowed to speak to her only to their father and he promises he’ll tell her about it too. When they ask about their Mom, they are told; “You have a mother, and she loves you. That is all you need to know.”
    How would this go over? How healthy would those kids be? Would it mess them up, or is that in fact all they need to know?
    So how can any human being who believes in a Heavenly Mother, believe that this scenario would be ok in the Heavenly realm?
    The LDS people say their is a Heavenly Mother, she loves us, and that is all we need to know. If any member publicly tries to acknowledge this Heavenly Mother or know more about her than this, they risk excommunication.
    How is that a matter of simply not forcing anyone to believe things they are not ready for?
    I think it goes a little beyond that, don’t you? Just a bit? (By a bit, I mean, WAAAAAAAAAY a whole heck of a lot.)
    One might even get the impression that the LDS faith is simply a more subtle form of the muslim faith, of islam.
    We even have burkas. Garments that don’t effect a man’s way of dressing in the slightest but make a woman look more… what? MORE MASCULINE.
    Please don’t tell me that long shorts are not masculine on a woman or that a shoulder is really immodest.
    So basically the subtle message there is that, in order to be modest a woman must be more masculine.
    Well thank you for that, Islam. I happen to disagree.
    I have never been an immodest person. I don’t want to wear belly shirts and shorty shorts. But I can wear a pair of shorts that only goes about halfway down my thigh, and I would look plenty modest, not to mention much more femanine. (Ooooo, bad, femanine. Naughty, naughty.)
    If you catch a glimpse of my shoulder from time to time, I don’t think its gonna cause a moral problem for you. That is certainly modest as well.
    C’mon man.
    I, for one, can not stomach it any longer. I’ve made up a 3*5 card that states what I believe the true church of God would be like if it were here on the Earth for real. The LDS faith comes up so very short.
    I don’t think there is a true church on this Earth, they all come up short. They all only acknowledge a Father in Heaven, a male supreme being who works completely alone or only with other males.
    Anyhow, sorry if I come off a bit angry. It’s cuz I am angry, but not with you personally.
    I’m glad you’re at least talking about this stuff. It is important. It’s important to me for sure.

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