Idaho Falls Sidewalk Survey (part 2)

Today, I concluded my survey along the river during the Snake River Roaring Youth Jam.  It came to an abrupt halt.  I was asking yesterday’s question to a couple of ladies who became highly offended. 

“Does the Idaho Falls Arts Council know you are doing this?”

“No, I honestly didn’t realize I needed permission about what to talk about along the river?”

I moved on.

Shortly after, the golf cart descended to where I was and asked me to stop asking any religious questions.  They (the Idaho Falls Arts Council) have the whole river reserved.  I suppose they think that God and exalted eternal life shouldn’t be mixed with art, music, and dance.


I don’t know how much money people are paying for their booth space.  I can sincerely respect that.  I just need to learn where is the space available downtown in Idaho Falls to talk about God.

Here are the responses to the question I asked:

  • 1 – One didn’t believe in an afterlife.
  • 3 – Three said, “I don’t know”.
  • 6 – Six passed on the question.
  • 7 – Seven said, “Yes”.
  • 13 – Thirteen said, “No”.

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