An apology?

For the first time, today, I am reading through the 1611 Church of England translation edition (Thomas Nelson Publishers) for the book of Isaiah.  It’s masterful.

So what is up with the Church of England apologizing to Darwin?

I am right in the middle of the magnificent Creator, Maker, Former descriptions of God in Isaiah.

How does the Church of England think that the new heaven and new earth will be created by God as foretold in Isaiah?  Evolutionary processes?

One comment

  1. “Evolutionary processes?”

    Nope. That was Teilhard de Chardin’s error.

    Although “grace builds upon nature,” creation and redemption/restoration/sanctification/glorification are separate processes. Teilhard conflated them.

    BTW, you might Gerald Schroeder interesting. An observant, Orthodox Jew who is also a scientist, he finds absolutely no conflict between a literal, Talmudic reading of the creation stories in Genesis and evolution.

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