KJV translators see the “restauration” of the Church

No wonder founding LDS prophet Joseph Smith liked the KJV Isaiah chapter title notes so much . . .

CHAP. XVIII – 7 An accesse thereby shall grow vnto the Church.

CHAP. XIX – 18 The calling of Egypt to the Church.

CHAP. XXVII – 12 The Church of Iewes and Gentiles.

CHAP. XXX – 18 Gods mercies towards his Church.

CHAP. XXXIII – 1 Gods judgements against the enemies of the Church.

CHAP. XXXIIII – 1 The judgements wherewith God reuengeth his Church.

CHAP. XLI – 1 God expostulateth with his people, about his mercies to the Church.

CHAP. XLIII – 1 The Lord comforteth the Church with his promises.

CHAP. XLIIII – 1 God comforteth the Church with his promises.

CHAP. XLV – 1 God calleth Cyrus for his Churches sake.

CHAP. XLIX – 13 Gods loue is perpetuall to his Church.  18  The ample restauration of the Church

CHAP. LII – 1 Christ perswadeth the Church to beleeue his free Redemption, [at the top of the page for Chap.lii.liiii. you will read – The deliuerance of the Church]

CHAP LVII – 3 God reproueth the Iewes for their whorish idolatry.  13 Hee giueth Euangelicall promises to the penitent.

CHAP. LX – 1 The glory of the Church, in the abundant accesse of the Gentiles, [at the top of the page for Chap.lxi. you will read – The increafe of the Church]

CHAP. LXII – 1 The feruent desire of the Prophet, to confirme the Church in Gods promises.

CHAP. LXIII – 7 and what his mercy toward his Church . . . 15 The Church in their prayer,

CHAP. LXIIII – 1 The Church prayeth for the illustration of Gods power

CHAP. LXVI – 10 and with the gracious benefits of the Church . . . 19 The Gentiles shall haue an holy Church

And at the top of the first page for Jeremiah . . . The reftoring of the Church.

After 400 years, how well do the words, “restauration” (CHAP. XLIX) and “Euangelicall” (CHAP. LVII) go well together in America?

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