Catholicism in Parma, Ohio

Leaving the house where I was staying, I took an evening walk.  I tried to take some pictures of what I saw:

Beautiful pictures.  Catholic churches everywhere.

What is “PYROHY”?

What is the significance of the three cross bars on this steeple?  The Trinity?

Marys on church grounds and Marys in house yards – do you think there is too much Mary?

And is this a common name for a Catholic religious center?


  1. Ah, you were in Parma, Ohio. Parma is the home of the Eparchy of Parma, a Byzantine Rite (Roman) Catholic jurisdiction which is rooted in the immigration of primarily Ruthenians, a slavic people.

    The Byzantine Rite is the form of worship which is indigenous to the Eastern Orthodox Churches, such as the Russians, Greeks, etc., but which is also found in jurisdictions which broke with Orthodoxy and hooked up with Rome, for various reasons, over the centuries.

    I love these pictures, Todd. As to your questions: the form of the cross you see is quite commonly used among Byzantine Rite Christians. The top bar represents the placard which read “King of the Jews” and the bottom bar, the footrest on the cross of Christ.

    No, there are not too many Marys.

    I will unpack “Holy Spirit Party Center”. I googled it to make sure I was correct. “Holy Spirit” is the name of the parish, which happens to be renting out its fellowship hall for private events.

    Also, according to Google, “pyrohy” is an alternate spelling of pierogi, about which Wikipedia has an article. It’s a food dish.

    One last note: the ikon looks like it commemorates the 1,000 anniversary of the baptism of St. Vladimir/the conversion of the Kievan Rus in 988.

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