Did you catch the Utah article yesterday?

After speaking to a men’s group in Northern Ohio, I am back in town. Tomorrow, I have a “Heart Issues for Catholics”. 😉

But did you read this yesterday in USA TODAY?

There aren’t many states on a political map redder than Utah.  The state’s voters gave George W. Bush 71.5% of the vote in 2004, the highest percent in the nation.  Four years earlier, they gave Bush 66.8%.  That was the third highest, behind only Wyoming and Idaho.  Utah voters have not given a majority of their votes to a Democratic candidate since President Lyndon Johnson’s landslide victory over Sen. Barry Goldwater in 1964.  That’s unlike to change this year.  According to a statewide poll by Dan Jones & Associates, conducted Sept. 8-11, Republican presidential nominee John McCain leads Democratic nominee Barack Obama 62%-24% among registered voters.

I think Obama ought to spend the rest of his campaigning days among the hardworking folk of the Intermountain West.  I think it could round him out a little bit.  But maybe he thinks we are beyond hope.

Yet I have hope.



  1. I saw hundreds of “Obama” posters and signs through downtown Salt Lake City (Avenues down through Sugarhouse and South Salt Lake) last week. SLC itself is quite Democrat minded. It’s the rest of the damn state that gets lumped into “red.”

    Granted, Mormonism is rife with racism – I speak from experience, because even my cutest, sweetest little (but now deceased) grandmother called blacks the hated “N” word. Don’t get me started on my parents and uncles/aunts – the prevalent excuse is that they are “a product of their times.” That would be sometime before 1978, dontcha think?

  2. Sideon – just a quick note about communication on this blog. I care about Republicans and Democrats in the state of Utah. I minister fervently, praying and sharing. I don’t want any damned.

    But welcome to HI4LDS.

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