How come LDS apostles don’t speak like Terryl?

Jared catches the synopsis of one of Terryl Givens’ recent talks (scroll down in the post to “How to Spot a Heretic”).

Terryl’s PR brother let him break free from “the traditional approach” (having to find similarities).  It is always a happy occasion when that is allowed.

Why don’t the authoritative apostles lead publicly in this new type of discussion?  Or do you think that they already do that?

(Sidenote question – Why does anyone desire to join with the World Council of Churches?)


  1. A more serious answer, Todd, is that general authorities in recent years HAVE addressed the following issues in General Conference.

    three distinct personages in the Godhead,
    and laid out patristic and NT sources,

    minus maybe the “respected protestant and Catholic authorities”

    Maybe if you were listening to conference with the intent of how to understand Mormons and Mormonism instead of how to tear it down, you might have known that already.

    Hope you had a nice Easter.

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