Day 2 – Spring LDS General Conference 2009

Questions (I have quickly browsed the bloggernacle for updates):

  • What is this about a C.S. Lewis quote? 
  • Has a GA ever agreed with and quoted an Eastern Orthodox leader on the theme of deification?  Someone who can actually engage with him in the quoting?
  • Did Prophet Monson give forth any inspired foretelling?
  • Did he exegete any scripture?
  • Among their talks, did the LDS leaders engage with by naming or quoting any other American contemporary Christian leaders or biblical scholars?
  • If they didn’t, why not? 
  • In this Spring LDS General Conference, did the Modern Apostles forge or press forward with any new spiritual thought, unveiling new revelatory insight to mysteries, or did they stress re-commitment to what is already known and established?
  • I heard that “How Firm a Foundation” appeared in Conference.  Where do I get the music link to that?  I love it.  When I tune into BYU-Idaho radio each Sunday, I can usually count on at least five of my favorites (the same ones) performed each week.
  • Do LDS ever publicly share the stories behind these hymns?
  • Do LDS have Good Friday services?

This is an incredible week.  The excitement is mounting in the I-15 Corridor for beholding the omniscient King of Glory.  He knew what the Jewish leaders would do.  He knew what the Gentiles would do.  He knew what his own disciples would do.  He even knew all about the donkey and the colt.  He knew.

And back then, He knew your name.  He knew mine.  And He knew all that we would do.

He is Sovereign Lord.

Here is my clothing, Lord.  Sit on them.  Take it all, Prince of Peace, who brought eternal peace to my sin-ravaged heart.


  1. Hosanna!

    Please be saving me on this day, O King!

    Your entry is so different than the 2009 coronation of my American leader.

    You are unique, Davidic Messiah. Not like us. You have never needed gracious favor. Yet I must have this everyday.

    I pray to You tonight and say thanks.

  2. You can find “How Firm a Foundation” at this link

    There is a wonderful book that has explinations and history on the hymns of the LDS church….but of course right now I can’t remember the name. I’ll post when my memory returns.

    Jeffery R. Holland spoke in conference yesterday, and gave a moving talk about our Savior’s last days on earth before his Crucifixion and resurection. The transcripts are not available, but should be any day now at LDS.ORG

    The LDS church does not have good friday services. As you will be able to tell from Elder Hollands talk in yesterday’s conference, the LDS doctrine honors, worships, and recognizes the Saviors sacrifice on Gesthemene as essential to the progress of mankind towards God. But it is not emphized alone, but as a significant part of His atonement, which was complete with His resurection. On Easter Sunday the LDS congregations celebrate His life, suffering, death, and resurection. His sacrifice had to have each step, or would not have been a complete saving sacrifice. For this reason, LDS people view it as a whole, each part with its absolutely essential and saving need and meaning and act.

    I will personally study conference more in depth, as transcripts are available. From what I heard during the conference, there was no new revelations or prophisying, more in depth study of course may reveal differently I suppose. But a strong urge for people of all religions, to re-commit to following the Savior. To be better people. To be more Christ like. Many of the speakers pointed out that in this troubling economic and war time that we may all find more peace in the teachings of Jesus Christ. So, although not a new doctrine (one of the oldest out there actually), it was a very current and relevant application of doctrine.

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