And I use to believe O. Kendall White Jr. . . .

I was so naive in years past.

Pick up Revisiting Thomas F. O’Dea’s The Mormons Contemporary Perspectives (2008).

Read White’s article, “Thomas F. O’Dea and Mormon Intellectual Life:  A Reassessment Fifty Years Later.”

At one time, White had me fooled about “a [neo-Mormon] shift toward a Calvinist version by grace alone.”

Perhaps that is the greater concern for Mr. O. Kendall White in pausing for heart reflection and meditation.  The Calvinistic Gospel of faith alone by grace alone in Christ alone.

Hasn’t Mr. White in his life moved from Church Mormonism to a Cultural Mormonism exhibiting agnosticism and skepticism?  I don’t know.  Can someone tell me?

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