How will this new bill (NREPA) affect LDS boy scout camps?

The Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act – H.R. 980 that will be introduced on May 5, 2009

I don’t like it.  As vice president of the Red Cliff Bible Camp board in Wyoming, I express resistance . . . the extra fees and permits enforced upon us to take campers into the wilderness.  It just seems to be another message from the government that they don’t trust Idahoans (and those in the other states) to take care of our public lands.

Would this bill affect the current camping operations of the Grand Teton Council in future days?


  1. NREPA imposes no fees on wilderness users. This is false information. It will not affect any private property, existing graznig and mining claims or inholdings including LDS camps. NREPA will protect god’s country

  2. Good clarification.

    I have learned imposed fees are coming from other new regulations.

    But I do believe the NREPA will have a negative impact to the access to our camp, mountain man.

    And I would say that the forests are God’s and not the government’s.

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