This week’s family discussion around the dinner table

John 14:28

My Father is greater than I.

This phrase has provoked a very deep, ongoing discussion in the Wood household.  My oldest son, Joshua (13 years old),  initiated the conversation Sunday night after listening to my Bible message in the morning.  And it has continued each day since.

I strongly disagree with Unitarians, Jehovah Witnesses, and Mormon friends, etc. on the interpretration of this declaration by the Lord Jesus Christ.  

But let me ask this:  is there more than one LDS interpretation of this statement?

And one other question on the verse – what do you think is the big deal over Jesus’ words, “I go unto the Father”?


  1. I would be very interested to be a fly on the Wood household wall in that conversation. Can you share, Todd, some of your son’s questions and your answers?

  2. Jon, the phrase by Jesus has been troubling to my son. Perhaps, I will type a fuller post on this crucial heart statement by the Savior.

    (Let me touch on another phrase that we will be looking at this Sunday morning – “being made so much better the angels” Heb. 1:4. My son asked me during our own family Bible reading time this week, “Dad? The word made? What is that suppose to mean?”)

    Heart Issues come up every day in the Wood household.

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