1. Todd,

    I hope you enjoy a wonderful time at the conference. Please let us know how it all went when you have a chance.

    God bless,

  2. Gloria,

    Ok, here are a few of my musings on the conference. I missed Friday night’s sessions. Two out of the four were of particular interest to me: 1) Cory Anderson on “A Biblical Assessment of Mormonism’s View of The Fall of Adam & Eve” and 2) Aaron Shafovaloff on “A Holistic Approach to Mormon Teachings and Beliefs: Engaging What Matters Without Misrepresenting People”

    Yesterday, I arrived at the large evangelical South Mountain Community Church in Draper, Utah around 10:00 am. I wasn’t expecting a converted warehouse. Took me a little bit to adjust my bearings. Walking into the entrance, I thought I was stepping into a Starbucks Coffee Shop. Nice folks everywhere.

    I missed the 9:00 am session, which happened to be the talk on The Trinity. Sad.

    Among the three 10:15 am workshops, I chose Paul Robie on “The Role of the Local Church in Reaching Mormons”. Here is a brief synopsis: “If a church wants to be effective at reaching the disenfranchised LDS then it must do certain things and avoid certain things. In this seminar pastor Paul Robie will outline the SMCC strategy for reaching these people. Included are: 1. Three things every LDS visitor must be able to affirm when visiting your church for the first time. 2. Why it is important not to take shots at Mormonism on Sunday morning. 3. The ‘religion’ landmine – how to avoid doing ‘religion’ under another name. 4. The importance of cultural values that support your vision for reaching Mormons.”

    Some things I agree with Paul. Some things I don’t. But the connecting point for both Paul and I would be the writings of Tim Keller from Redeemer.

    At 12:30, I sat in the auditorium plenary session and listened to James White on “Can we trust the New Testament? Responding to Article Eight”.

    (James White is the debater type. I should set up a debate between him and Blake here in Idaho Falls and invite the whole community to come and hear.)

    And then at 1:45, I was thrilled by Bryan Hurlbutt’s presentation: “What Jonathan Edwards Would Say to Joseph Smith: Wisdom from the Father of the First Great Awakening for the Wayward Son of the Second Great Awakening.” I left the auditorium wanting to shout with joy over the greatness and love of God.

    And then I left, missing Sandra Tanner in the last session.

  3. Oh, and it was really interesting listening to post-LDS Russ in Paul’s session. Russ grew up in a very strong LDS family in Idaho Falls. Now, he and his lovely wife are attending Paul’s church in Utah.

  4. I’d love to see Robie’s material on line, where would I get that ?? Keller rocks, by the way….


  5. Let me throw out a little carrot . . .

    Three things every LDS visitor must be able to affirm:

    1. I like it.
    2. I understood everything.
    3. I think I can do this.

    “Make room for those who don’t believe”

    “Sacrifice for those those not here yet”

    “Eliminate the cringe factor”

    (But I think Robie is going fully after the disenfranchised LDS and not the devout LDS. Of course, younger brothers can be much more receptive than older brothers. That is a biblical fact.)

  6. Germit, I am sure that Aaron over at Mormon coffee can connect anybody and everybody with audio and video recordings.

    And Keller is a reformed Calvinist. (Chuckling). Even a reformed Calvinist can have a huge impact for the glory of God in the I-15 Corridor.

    (And my preceding comment is a fine illustration of an accidental scribal error – dittography. oops.)

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