Do you see the rimrock behind the barn??!!

Click here to see this picture!  You must.

Just over 20 years ago, the summer of 1988, I spent at Grandpa and Grandma’s house.  I painted that red barn back then (laughing).   Actually at one point while sitting on the roof, I held grandpa’s legs while he painted below an eave (We did it while grandma wasn’t looking).

But up on the rim rock behind the barn, I will never forget the experience of the Holy Spirit inflaming my heart passions for preaching the Word of God.  It was a spiritual, subjective experience that echoes now mightily in my heart.

One day, I crossed the bridge over the creek.  I walked through those fields behind the barn.  I hiked up to the top of the ridge.  I sat down with my Bible.  And God made it absolutely clear to me that He wanted me to preach the Word.

I was scared back then.

Still am. 

Glory to God! 

Looking at the picture puts goosebumps on my arms this evening.

thinking of heart issues,

Elon Todd Wood


  1. Todd,
    I found your blog through a posting on Sharper Iron last year. How happy I was to hear how God has continued to use you in a part of the US that is very special to me. My wife and I ministered in Utah and Wyoming for four years before coming back to PA.
    Your memories, as you looked at the picture, reminded me of the process that God used to call me into the ministry – and then on to BJU. It’s great to remember that call, once in while, when we are tempted to get discouraged because circumstances don’t always match our expectations. God is still in control.
    God bless the continued ministry in your corner of the USA.
    Because He Lives,
    A Fellow Alpha Theta Pi Razorback (class of 1992)

  2. Wow, Dan. Nice to hear from you, bro.

    Internet is a cool thing. Friendships and whole community thinking are only a click away.

    God is doing incredible things. He is definitely on the move in the I-15 Corridor.

  3. Okay, so I have caught the blogging discussion bug. 🙂 Excited to discuss other issues! I love the photo, Todd! If I were you I would frame it.

  4. Wow, Todd.
    Glad to know you’ve also had a burning in the bosom, emotional experience.
    Maybe you too, like Jack, can tell Evangelicals to stop denigrating emotional experiences with God.

  5. The issue, Psychochemiker, is what role emotional experiences play in discerning truth (not to mention discerning the SOURCE of a given emotional experience: God, indigestion, orgasm, Satan, what?)

  6. And here is another angle on the issue brought to my attention this past weekend . . . Objective Truth and Passion/Subjective Experience do beautifully in a dance. They go together, hand in hand!

    But subjectivity can not be the lead partner. Look what is happening to American evangelicalism.

  7. Well Greg,
    I think I’ll allow Todd the ability to judge his spiritual experience for himself seeing as I’ve only had my own spiritual experiences, and not his.

    I also haven’t been given authority to judge the validty of his experience, as neither you, nor Todd, having been given the same to judge mine.

    Quite frankly, it’s a damnable lie to portray evangelism as emotionless relying solely on logic and portraying Mormonism as an only emotional response with no logic. My tongue-in-cheek comment was merely to point out the fallacy of this caraciture that has been painted by BOTH sides. I still wonder why Jack and Todd are the only Evangelicals I’ve heard speak openly about their emotional confirmation of their faith.

    Down with false caracitures.

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