Don Parry to work on BHQ

BYU shares the news.

HT: Thomas

That is quite an LDS scholarly achievement.  I remember listening to Don lecture on the Dead Sea Scrolls  at a local Methodist church here in Idaho Falls.  I noted some of his biases in the thread following the report on his lecture.  And I would assume that his biases are probably right within the main consensus of the scholars working on the new BHQ.

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  1. I’ll share with you the same story I shared over at BCC when this came up:

    I came into my Hebrew class with Bro. Parry once with a bad headache from having skipped lunch. I was rubbing my temples just before class started when he noticed something was wrong and asked about it. I said (pretty bluntly), “I have a huge headache. I didn’t eat lunch.” He said, “Ah. Want me to give you some money so you can skip class and go get lunch?” I considered for a second whether he was serious and whether I was okay with this level of freeloading, then said yes, and… he actually did it! Took some money from his wallet and told me to get lost and go get lunch.

    Parry is a top-notch scholar and one of the nicest professors I ever had. BHQ is fortunate to have him.

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