Robert Wright (2009) on Mormonism

Have you browsed his latest book, The Evolution of God  (Little, Brown and Company, 2009) and noticed what he said about Mormonism?

“It may sound cynical to explain the growth of a religion, especially a religion of love, in crass commercial terms, as though religions were mere networking services.  But such practical functions play some role in the power of religion even today.  The Mormon church, whose growth role has been compared to that of early Christianity, is a smooth conduit of commercial contact.”

(1) Wright uses Stark, who is over the top,  for LDS growth role comparison to the early Christianity.  (2)  Do many other religious scholars think that Mormonism is a commercial networking service?  (3)  Do you agree with Wright’s beliefs about the evolution of God(s)?


  1. Since time and resources are limited, I cannot
    possibly get to every book I might like to read. Is this book premised upon the notion that humanity creates god(s) in its own image rather than vice-versa?

  2. Humanity formulates their concept of God[s]. Israelite polytheism before monotheism. Standard “biblical” (once you decode the Bible) scholarship and archeological think and speak.

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