Google ‘Lachish Letters’ & I get 3 LDS

Why is that when I google topics, I often get LDS posts on the first page? (chuckling)

On Wednesday evening, our church family is tackling Jeremiah 34.  Verse seven in the chapter triggered for me memories of Lachish ostraca that I remember discussing in seminary.  It is a fascinating archaeological study.  (When in England, go to the British Museum to get a glimpse of some of the potsherds.  And when you are combing Israeli Tells, try to discover some new artifacts.)

So in desiring to know what is on the first page of a google search for ‘lachish letter 4 ‘, I get deceased professor Hugh Nibley, Jeff Lindsay (his blog is here), and the famous Backyard Professor, Kerry Shirts (his blog is here).

(And Kerry, it looks like a 20-year-old Catholic (Dei Verbum777) has been busy chatting at/with you?)

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