Radical Life Transformation

Life transformation is beautiful thing to see.

One man had sold his brother into slavery.

Amazingly, the same man, twenty plus years later, decided to place his own life in permanent slavery rather than see his youngest brother taken into slavery.

It’s Judah.

Because of a deep work of gracious repentance, how many American Christians are ready to give up everything?  For the freedom of others?

It is only the Gospel that enables one to be crucified to self.


  1. Not the gospel per se, but He Who Is at the center of the gospel. Only a Person can transform me, heal me. A narrative cannot.

    “The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”


    (The only problem with the above is that it conflates a closed ecclesiology with the Communion of Saints. Oh well… Better to know a place where the Church is in fact found than to either in effect deny its existence or, conversely, to believe it exists where it in fact does not.)

  2. I love the story of Joseph…. especially tender to me is the part you mentioned.. the radical change in Judah… from once having a heart to murder and sell his brother… and years later… being tender towards the younger brother who was sold.

    A work of God for sure.

    God continues to do that today.

    I am blessed to be able to go to the local prison and share the good news with the women there. God still works amazing changes in the lives of the lost… bringing them redemption and salvation.
    It’s exciting to see radical changes.

    God bless,

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