D.A. Carson, John 16:12, and LDS

D.A. Carson is a research professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  And Andy Naselli has been a helpful research assistant.  He compiled all Carson’s writings, here.  Andy’s blog has been very useful to me.

The words of Jesus in John 16:12 are extremely encouraging, but they have been interpreted differently in the I-15 Corridor.

Carson notes:

Because of this theme of the finality of the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, the church has always been rightly suspicious of claims of still further definitive revelation that is binding on the consciences of all Christians – whether in the claims, say, of Mormonism, or in the pretensions of the Rev. Moon – and rightly deems such stances as profoundly aberrant and cultic.

The commentary is dated 1991.  I wonder if Carson would still use the same choice of words today.

One comment

  1. I would not think he would use different language. I think that many conservative Christian scholars, of all denominational stripes, are completely dismissive of Mormon theology.

    For instance in the newly translated Concise Reformed Dogmatics there is only a single sentence regarding Mormonism, dismissing the Book of Mormon. I will admit that Mormonism probably isn’t as prevalent in Holland.

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