1. “The grass is always greener”…

    Mormonism will grow in the Bible Belt, such as here in the Southeast (where, BTW, Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy are also growing), while Zion will continue to become less Mormon, both in terms of quantity and quality (Mormonism in Zion will become more of a cultural thing, as with the Baptist tradition here in the Southeast).

    Regardless of tradition, true believers are always more or less relatively rare because being a true believer is COSTLY.

  2. There’s a Holiday Inn in Meridian, Idaho now? Who knew.

    Before I was the Bible Belt Blogger, I spent seven years in the Gem State, studying in Moscow and working in Boise and Twin Falls.

    Meridian was barely big enough for a McDonalds the first time I passed through it — population 5,000 or so. When I left, more than a decade ago, it had reached 20,000, and was still growing like crazy.

    My post on the LDS church wasn’t focusing on Idaho and Utah, where the percentage of LDS residents will likely decrease in the coming decades. But I’m confident that the number of Mormons nationwide will continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

    Thanks for posting a link to my site.

    Frank Lockwood
    Bible Belt Blogger

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